I am Abd Elrahman Perdawood Hayder from Erbil ,Iraqi Kurdistan Region ,my primary, median and secondary studies were in Erbil, My B.Sc at Soil Science was at Soil Science Department in Agriculture college of Sulaymanya University department.My first employment  was at 23/8/1983 in Terrazo Tile Factory/Mousle as a responsible man of laboratory for testing raw materials ,monitoring the product as quality control and preparing tile samples for production ,the Factory was belonging to General Directorate of concrete industry-Ministry of Light Industries.From 1989 to 2000 I was responsible of chemical laboratory at Woolen Textile Facotry\ Hawler. My M. Sc was in Soil Physics-2005- from Soil and Water Dept. Agriculture College -Salahaddin University, the ph.D was also from the same department and college-2012- and university.Now I continue my Academic and Scientific services  at the same College in different Departments.