Dr. AHMED SAMIR ALEMDAR is a material expert, designer, and lecturer in Mechanical Engineering Department.

  • B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering – 2008
  • M.Sc. Production Engineering Material Science - 2013.
  • Ph.D. P.E. Material Science & Welding Metallurgy - 2024.

Consultant engineer with an extensive engineering background focusing on Material Science and Welding Technology. His specific experiences in testing materials and welding " destructive and non-destructive tests" in compliance with AWS, ASME, API, NACE, ASTM & ISO standards come from practical work and experience of 14 years of testing Materials and calibration of testing machines. His interests, exploration of new technology, and hard work made him succeed and be among the best students in the class. He reserved the top first rank during his B.Sc. at Mechanical Engineering Department - Engineering College - SUE. Nevertheless, he proved his success and was awarded M.Sc. in Material Science & Ph.D. Welding Metallurgy with excellent degrees. His experience in Firefighting and HVAC systems made to engrave his name in many essential projects; by supervising, designing CAD drawings, and executing private villas and popular restaurants in Erbil - KRG.

  • Areas of interest: Material Science and Welding Technology.
  • Activities & Hobbies: Gym, Swimming, Basketball, Tennis, and Traveling.