I am Ansam Saleh Ali, 46 years old, was born in Baghdad at 7/12/1975, I liked to be Architect since i was 6 years old when i met my fathers friend in Denmark he was an architect and i was so impressed by his work, so i get in and graduated from Baghdad University/College of Engineering/Architectural Department  in (1998), then directly started studying my master degree, then finished my M.S.c at 2002 in (social communication in residential complex, spatial organization and its effect on social communication), and directly i have worked as one of the faculty member in Baghdad University /Architectural Department, from 2003-2007, i taught their many subjects and i was responsible of many lectures as, design 1st stage for two years, building structure for 3rd year, design 4th year. 

also i have worked in one of the designing companies for books and journal covers in Tunis during working on my master degree. 

through this time and almost from (3rd Grade) i have been started in designing houses, interior design, hospital, and hotels.... etc. 

then and from 2009 till now i am one of the faculty members in Salahaddin University /college on Engineering/Architectural department, on of the greatest Architectural school and great colleagues to work with, I was teaching 4th grade design and urban design for two years, then from that time till now i am teaching, 2nd stage History of Architecture, 5th stage design,5th stage Thesis and almost for 8 years i supervised more than 70 students fro different graduation project.

   Architecture is different specialty from other department , it have a very great contact with the students a very direct relation with them due to the design subject importance which let us we the staff deals with different students background throw more than 12 hours in the week , that mean we should be very Careful in dealing with them and we have to try to create a family atmosphere inside our classroom, so that the acceptance of the subject is easy and be able to raise the level of awareness for the students in design subject due to its great connection to imagination, which in turn requires the creation of an environment of mutual understanding between teacher and the students, in order to raising the scientific level of the students in the field of architecture, as well as other theoretical subjects, and this is my point of view in teaching of architecture.

M. Sc.


Ansam Saleh Ali