•       Dr. Ari got the Doctorate (PhD.) degree in Molecular-Microbiology at Foggia University in Italy in 2011. 

He become an Assist. Professor in Molecular Microbiology since 2016 and from that time, he is in charge in teaching Molecular Techniques Theory for 4th class Biology students, Molecular Biology Theory for 3rd class Biology and 4th Year Ecology Students. He also taught Biology-English for 1st year Biology students. 

Since 2014, he taught Ph.D. and MSc. degree students the following Materials: Bioinformatics, Genome Analysis, Advance Molecular biology, Advance Molecular Techniques, Cytogenetics and for the current year he is teaching Adv. Mol. Biology, Molecular Methods and Bioinformatics to Ph.D. Students.


Dr Ari got the M.Sc. degree in 2005 and start as Assistant Lecturer Teaching Practical Zoology at Science College, Practical Genetics at Agricultural college, and Hematology Theory at Shaqlawa Medical Institute.


Dr Ari graduated from Salahaddin University in 2001 (Ranked Top 7th on 107 biology students and 11th on total students of the collage). Dr. Nabi worked with the United Nations UN- F.A.O in Agro-Industrial Project Monitoring, then from 2002 until getting his M.Sc. degree he worked as Laboratory Technician in Biology Dept. at Science College teaching Practical Molecular Biology.