My name is Ashqi Suleman Haso  I have  Ph.D. from Salahaddin University  in the field of Method of Teaching Science(Biology), 2023. I am teaching and working  in different subjects such as:

1- Method of Teaching Science

2- Education  psychology 

3- Diversity Education

4- Growth Education

5- Viewing and Practice 

6-Research methods


  • B.A. Degree in General Science, University of Salahaddin - Erbil(2007-2008)
  • MA degree in Methods of Teaching Science. University of Salahaddin - Erbil(2014)
  • Ph.D. from Method of Teaching Science(Biology). University of Salahaddin - Erbil(2023)

Research interest:

  • My Master's Research focused  on. The Impact of Using the Strategies of the Six Hats in the Visual Thinking Skills and the Development of Achievement-Study Motivation in Science Subject in Basic Schools Eighth Grade.
  • Ph.D. Research focused  on. The Effectiveness of a Proposed Program Based on the Theory of Brain-Based Learning in Developing Systemic Thinking Skills and Scientific Sense in Biology


  • Effectiveness of the ring house strategy in the development of some scientific concepts of the sixth Basic class students in science for all
  • The Affects of the Marzano Model in Improving Students’ Attitudes Towards Environment; An Empirical Study on 7th Grade Students in Science Class
  • The effectiveness of using the virtual lab in the improvement of integrative science processes for chemistry subjects among students of the tenth grade in Erbil.
  • The effect of using the Karen model on acquiring concepts of citizenship education for the ninth grade students
  • The impact of the science learning stations strategy on developing habits of mind among seventh-grade students in ‘Science’ subject
  • The preferred learning style and its relationship to intelligence and habits of study among students of basic education in science