Aveen Arshad Faris was born in Ashaer Elsabaa. In 2011, she has graduated from English Department,  College of Arts, Dohuk University. Employed after the graduation,  being the top on top ten list. After that she moved to Akre- college of Basic Education and after getting her MA in English Literature from University of Zakho she has taught many different subjects including; English Literature, Academic Writing, Academic Debate, Communication- listening and speaking skills and History and Culture. she then moved to dwell in Erbil, working in Salahaddin University since 2017 and has been teaching many subjects including General English in Arabic, Turkish and Persian Departments, and Academic Debate and Modern Novel in English Department.

Interested in learning languages including Tolkien's Elvish !

she is currently teaching 19th century, Victorian novel in English Department, College of Languages, along with general English.