In 1990 I graduated from the College of science, Department of Chemistry and got a bachelor's degree BSc in chemistry, and then worked as Assistant Chemist, till 1992-1996 in science College /Chemistry Dept., teaching practical Chemistry such as (industrial, Organic chemistry and Physical Chemistry) in the laboratories. After that I began to study MSc/Organic Chemistry In 1996, at Salahaddin University.

I finished my MSc study, then I started to worked in my department, as an assistant lecturer. The teaching experience is both theoretical and practical in the Organic Chemistry.  Finally I received my PhD-Organic Chemistry in the same University in 2009-2013. My academic and research program interest focus on Organic synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of newly heterocyclic compounds; till now I have more published 12 articles. teaching the subjects of Hetrocyclic for PhD students. As for undergraduate program, teaching subjects of Organic chemistry for 1st & 3rd stage students. international journals and conferences. NOW I works as Assist. Professor at the Department of Chemistry, College of Education, Salahaddin University - Erbil (SUE)