I am Azad Muhammed Kareem , assistant professor of physics at university of Salshaddin , college of education department of physics .

 I am graduated from college of Science . University of Sulaimania since 1976 -1977 and I have got the  Msc. degree  of physics in same university since  1981  and then  pointed  as a assistant lecturer at university of Salahaddin 1981 . I have got  PhD.  degree in physics /nuclear physics, from college of education  university of Salahaddin since 2006.

During my academic life I have tough the following articles for undergraduate  students ; Mechanics and properties of mater , electricity and magnetism for the first year  physics student , General  Physics for the first year Chemistry and Biology  student, Modern physics  and radiation chemistry of the third year  students ,Nuclear physics ,   quantum mechanic , Electromagnetic theory and Elementary particles for the fourth year physics students .

Besides I have tough courses of advanced nuclear physics for post graduate students  (Msc. PhD.  students  ).