Dr. Azad Hamad Sharif is an assistant professor of Modern English and American Literature - in the Department of English/College of Languages/Salahaddin University of Erbil-Kurdistan Region of Iraq. He has been teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Literary CriticismLiterary Movements, Literary Theory, Classical Literature, Renaissance Literature, Victorian Literature, Modern NovelModern DramaModern Poetry, AestheticsPhilosophical Texts in English, Philosophy of Education, Stylistics, Creative Writing, Academic Writing,  Pragmatics, Translation, Basics of Artistic Design, World Painters, World Musicians, The History of Cinema, etc. since 1988. Dr. Azad has supervised a number of MA theses and PhD dissertations in the fields of Eco-criticism, Post-colonialism,  Feminism, Eco-feminism, and Aestheticism. Currently, he is the Member of the Scientific Committee at English Department – College of Languages - Erbil. 

He is a prolific writer: critic, playwright, journalist, translator and transcreator of 40 books from different fields of knowledge/culture. In addition, he has published 328 articles in Kurdish, Arabic, and English. He has published (17) original academic researches in highly acclaimed journals inside and outside Iraq.

He has participated (sometimes as the Keynote Speaker) in many international conferences and festivals worldwide: USA, Britain, Italy, Germany, France, Poland, India, Greece, Turkey, and Georgia.

He is the winner of the Golden Medal and Honorary Award (2007) for Promoting the Kurdish Theater in the region. He is the Advisor of Free Theatrical Group (2009 - till now ).

He is also the Active Member of many national and international professional and cultural unions and facilities such as:  Kurdistan Translators' Society (Founder and Chairman of Kurdistan Translators' Society since 1992), Iraqi Writers’ Union (Since 1986), Kurdistan Journalists Union (Since 2001), Kurdistan Artists Union (Since 2002), Worldcat  (2018- till now),  Kurdpedia (2010 – till now), Salahaddin University Hall of Fame (2019-  till now)International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) (2011 – till now), (Pen International) (2020).