My name is Bahar Jalal Mahmood Ali, I am Assistant Professor in SU. I have been assisting and supervising students in their Bachelor and Master Degree researches. This academic year I have been teaching Crop Management for Field Crop Department for forth grade students, and Principles of Plant Production for Soil and Water Department second grade  in the first semester. , Advance Data Analysis for MSc. Student in Soil and Water  ,Field Crops , horticulture and forestry department in first attempt    , Currently I am teaching industrial crops/oil and sugar crops for third grade students in Field Crops department and Advance  medical plant production  in Field crops department  for second attempt  in  Selahaddin University. - Erbil.

During this academic year I have been supervising Research Projects for Bachelor students within Field Crops department in Salahaddin. University  , participate in the first conference of best project and best idea  for 4 th year students in salahaddin university- Erbil. and supervising two MSc students and a guid for other one.

I help  students in statistical analysis of their research projects  and making graphs ,tables , correlation analysis for data prezentation.........etc .