Name:                                   Assistant Professor Dr. Baktyar Sabir Mohammed

Date of Birth:                        02-04-1975

Place of Birth:                       Bardarash, Dahuk

Nationality:                            Iraqi

Passport 3:                             G

Permanent address:              Erbil-Rizgaree Qt.

                                                Mobile. 0750-4470959

                                                Mobile: 0770-2059194

                                                Home   : 066-2524099




Education:                             Ph. in Petroleum &financial economy

                                      University of Mosul-Mosul

                                      Starting 2004- 2008


                                      M.S in Economy

                                      University of Salahaddin-Erbil

                                      Starting 2001-2003


University of Salahaddin – Erbil

                                      College of Economics and administration

                                      Starting 1995, Finishing 1999


* Head of Department of Economics, Faculty of Management and Economics, Salahuddin University for two years


* Dean of the Technical Institute, Pruderach, for five years


* Currently Assistant Dean for the Faculty of Management and Economics, Salahuddin University                                     


PHD thesis    

  • Relationship between oil market fluctuation and investment in financial market to GCC.

Thesis will study the followings topics:

  • Oil markets
  • Financial Markets
  • Factors affecting on Oil markets
  • Measurement of the relationship between oil and financial markets.



Subjects under teaching       


  • Economic Resources
  • Water Economics
  • Agricultural Economy
  • Principles Economics
  • Public financial
  • Evaluation of projects and feasibility studies
  • Investment Management
  • Investment portfolios
  • economatric




Presented thesis\ researches:

  • Released three thesis’s in Economist’s Syndicate Magazine-Erbil
  • Release many articles about General economics issue related to Kurdistan.
  • Prepared study about poverty in Aqre Castle.


  • Participated as Lecturer of Small Projects course (Economic Development Organization-Kurdistan) Supported by CIP.
  • Participated as Lecturer of general economic for PDK-Iran members in koye
  • Participant in Economic planning workshop –Ministry of Trade-KRG
  • Participated in preparing thesis –Private Sector and Trade in Erbil
  • I have been working with ANKA Company ( for agricultural development and improvement in Iraq ).
  • I have released a series of researches in the Economists' Syndicate of Kurdistan.
  • I am currently working as a chief administrator in the department of Economy, Salahaddin University.
  • Evaluation of many scientific research
  • Discussion of many Masters Thesis
  • Publication of scientific research in the Journal of Anbar University of Economic Sciences as well as Polytechnic University of Erbil



Computer Skills:

  1. Software Programs:
  • Windows XP Professional.
  • Microsoft Office 2003 Professional(Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  • Statigarph
  • SPSS


Languages Skills:                  Kurdish” Mother Tongue”

                                                Arabic (Fluently)

                                                English (under training)





Post title

Phone #


Dr. Ameen Saeed Al adreesy


Professor Assistant



Nawzad Abdulkareem


Grant Assistant


Abdulhakeem Khasro jawzal


Lecturer Assist.