Bukhari Abdullah Rasool was born on 9th March, 1990 in Erbil. In 2012, he graduated in English Department, College of Languages\ Salahaddin University. In 2012 he works as an instructor in German Department, College of Languages, of which in 2013, he becomes a member of a delegate from Salahaddin University to Leipzig University and Herder Institute in Germany. 

In 2016 Bukhari obtains Master’s degree in English literature with a thesis which was given distinguished assessment, entitled: Illusion and Reality in Sophocles' Oedipus Rex and Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Since 2012 as a resilient teacher, Bukhari has taught English language and literature in approximately 15 Departments, colleges, institutions and language centres, as follows: 

1- Salahaddin University: Colleges of Languages, Education and Basic Education. 

2- Tishk International University 

3- Knowledge University 

4- Erbil International University 

5- Cambridge International School Service.

6- Oxford Institute for International Languages 

7- Aynde Technical Institute 

8- Paitaxt Technical Institute 

9- Conan Institute for International Languages 

10- Peshmarga Language Centre for Peshmarga Colonels and Officers 

11- Clever Institute for International Languages 

12- Business Master for Business English 

In his teaching experience, he has taught various modules as follows: 

Victorian and modern novels, modern drama, romantic and modern poetry, literary criticism, methods of teaching literature, introduction to literary movements and schools, creative writing, essay writing, pronunciation, academic debate and critical thinking, basic phonetics, communication, advanced speaking, Afro-American poetry, literary critical approaches.

 Remarkably, in his teaching methodologies, he has inserted training acting for students for acting Renaissance drama on stage for several theater shows.  He owns the patent of establishing the National Academic Debate Competition in University Level which was hosted in both of Tishk University in 2019 and Salahaddin University in 2020. 

In 2023, Bukhari has been chosen via Salahaddin University as a member of an active delegate of its teaching staff to France, Rouen University, aiming to participate in the European Erasmus Plus Programme which is international alumni for young and inventive instructors around the world.  

 Bukhari’s pen has been active in writing and publishing many critical essays around philosophy, literature and education in several magazines and websites. His prominent work is his book entitled Think Outside the Box published in 2019 which tackles visions around reforming education and higher education.

‌Currently, he is doing his PhD in English literature.