I got my bachelor’s degree in Microbiology in  College of Science, University of Salahaddin –Erbil then I completed my Master’s degree in bacteriology from College of Science, University of Mosul and I finalised my Ph.D degree in Biotechnology (gene engineering)  from Biotechnology Department, College of Science, University of Baghdad.

I was appointed as a lecturer in Salahaddin university at the biology department. Biotechnology and molecular biology were my favourite fields and teacher-identity landscape to undergraduate students. In 2009 I was promoted to Assistant Professor, my broader navigation was in molecular biotechnology and advanced molecular biology dominated to postgraduate  Master and Ph.D students.

My particular interests and goals have grown in two dimensions: cell based cloning and forensic DNA.

Noteworthy my Master and Ph.D. candidates had long been working up and mapping in the mentioned above dimensions under my thorough supervision.


and supervised several Msc and PhD students  in molecular Biotechnology  and involved  in  many of Dissertation  and thesis Examining Committee  in several universities of Iraq  . Iam participated in many international conferences, and published papers in high ranking International Journals

                                                                          Dr.Bushra amin

                                                                           Assistant professor

                                                                            Molecular biotechnology