I have finished my undergraduate study with honour degree in the Department of Media at College of Arts, University of Salahaddin-Erbil. Following that, I awarded a place to study master and PHD in media at the same department. Now, I am lecturer at the Department of media at the University of Salahaddin.


Personal Details:

Full name: Chnar Namq Hasan

Address: Iraq, Kurdistan Region, Erbil, Zanko City.

Place & Date of Birth: Babylon- 12/02/1974

Gender: Female

Marital Status: Married

Nationality: Iraqi

Cell phone number: +964-7504538311

E-mail address:


Kurdish- Reading, writing and speaking.

Arabic- Reading, writing and speaking.

English- Reading and Speaking.

Academic qualifications:

Academic title:  Lecturer

M.A Media

Institution: Salahaddin University–Erbil College of Arts Department of Media

Duration: November 2014 - September 2016.

Bachelors in Media

Institution: Salahaddin University–Erbil College of Arts Department of Media

Duration: 2008- 2012.

Technical Diploma

Institution: Erbil Technical Institution 2008.

Work experiences:

  • Undertaking and publishing research.
  • Participation in local and international conferences and seminars.
  • Pastoral care and consultancy for student's problems.
  • Contributing to college working groups or committees.
  • Advocating for the rights of missed and abused persons.
  • Advocating for the humanitarian rights and humanitarian issue.
  • Contributing to the developing curriculum.
  • Teaching the subject of Media Planning 2017 until now.
  • Teaching the subject of public opinion 2016 until now.
  • Teaching the subject of Media principles 2019.
  • Teaching the subject of media and democracy 2020.


  • Key Attributes:                                                                                                                 Patient and humble with my students.
  • Active reliable and flexible team worker.
  • Responsible and responsive.
  • Very good organizer.
  • Fast learning, enthusiastic to acquire and grow.


Office Machines and equipment's can use:

  • Computer, Windows7, Windows8 and windows10
  • Copy Machine.

Computer and Internet Skills:

  • Website Design and Website Management.
  • Google Education apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, Sites, Forms, Groups.
  • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint.




Books in the field of Media:

·         Chnar namq, Kurdish Genocide (analytical research) 2013.

·         An Analytical Study of Anfalistan Magazine - Published by the Cultural Centre of Kirkuk.

·         Chnar namq, The Role of Kurdish Websites in Shaping Public opinion  on the Yazidi Minority Right Violation 2019 - Amman.

·         Chnar namq, Genocide and methods of disinformation 2019 - Amman.


Research and press articles:


  • THE Role of (Kurdish Websites) in Shaping (Public Opinion) on Violations of THE Yezidi Xandan and Rudaw Websites as Sample.
  • The use of University Youth for The Kurdish Channels and The Impressions Achieved.
  • Features of Advertisements on Kurdish Websites An Analytical Study of the Content of the Signatories (Dasty Dw and Kurdshopping)


         Literary books:

1.      Memories of an Exhausted Calendar / published by Modern Kurdish     Cultured Movement in 1999.

2.      Cups Forget to Drink Me / published by Modern Kurdish Cultured Movement in 2004.

3.      Selected Poems / Published by Aras Foundation of Printing and Publishing in 2006.

4.      Seasons of Downfall / Published by Ministry of Culture and Yoghs in Kurdistan Region in 2008.

5.      I Say to a Glass Sorry I Will not Drink You / Published by the General Directory of Journalism, Printing and Publishing - Ministry of Culture and Yoghs in Kurdistan Region in 2011.

6.      I am Resemble to You / Collected poems.

7.      The Last end / Poems in Arabic / Publish by Kurdish Culture and Publishing House in Baghdad in 2014.