Academic Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information:


Academic Title: Assistant Teacher


Mobile: 07504266233



I was born on 15th of March 1991 in Akre. 

*Started his primary school at Gurbish co-educated primary school in 1997.

 * Finished primary school at Mazringan Co-educated school in 2002

. * Graduated at Gurbish co-educated High school in 2008. 

* Graduated BA at University of Salahadin-College of Art- History department in 2013. 

*Employed at College of Art-History department in 2013 as Teaching Assistant.

-  * Got MA at University of Salahadin-College- college of Art-History department at Modern History in 2017.

 * Teacher at University of Salahadin-College- college of Art-History department since 2017.

 * Lecturer at University of Duhok-College of Education-Akre. History department from 2019-2023.

 * Lecturer at Duhok Polytechnic University. Bardarash Institute in 2020. Akre technical college in 2022.       


-          Salahadin University- College of Arts – Department of History.


-         Microsoft office (Excel, Word,Access,Powar Point )

-         I have4th in IELTS, Language Center of  salahaddin


-         Method of Teaching qualifications at 2017 -2018

-Language,Competence (Mother Tongue) Arabic very good- English good

Teaching experience:

I teached in 1,2,3,4th Stage of college of arts, Salahaddin University

Research and publications

-         The relationship between Ottoman and Russian in First Berlin Conference from (1787).

-         The role of Akre in Barzan Army Movement in (1943- 1945).

-         The role Livy Force towards Kurdish Revolution Movement (1919- 1932).

-         Kurdish Issue in the North Kurdistan in (1980- 1983

Conferences and courses attended

- Child addiction to drugs in the time of Covid 19 -- University of Kufa 29-30 June 2021.

- September Revolution and a Turning Point in Kurdish Political History- 2022.

- Genocide in Nationalities Memory. 31st Mar 2022.

Funding and academic awards

-         None.

Professional memberships

-         None

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