I am an academic and researcher at Salahuddin University - Erbil. I am one of the faculty members at the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, and I currently work as a lecturer there. I obtained a bachelor’s degree in physical education in (2005) and obtained third place at the college level. I obtained the position of teaching assistant in the college. In (2010), I obtained a master’s degree in administration and organization in the sports field. After this achievement, I obtained a doctorate degree. In Sports Psychology - Volleyball in(2020).

I have published many research papers in sports science journals and participated in academic conferences locally and internationally, and various training courses and academic workshops. My research areas and publications are general psychology and sports psychology in sports, especially in the game volleyball, by applying it to students in the faculties of physical education and sports sciences, athletes in general, and referees, players, coaches, and administrators in the game volleyball in particular, through guidance, guidance, and the use of modern equipment. And how to measure it in sports psychology.