I have been working in the Dept. of History since 2008 as a modern and contemporary history teacher, during this period I had worked in several administrative positions, first I was a director of the history department library (2016 _ 2018), also I worked as a Vice president Dept. of History (2018_2020), and now a Ph.D. student in the same department, and despite all that I have working as an assistant lecturer and gives a lesson about Kurdology to the fourth grade (Kurds & General History) brunch. 

My master thesis on (Parliamentary Life in Iran during  1906 - 1925).

     As well As, Teaching is my favorite dream, I always dreamed that it would come days to be a university teacher, and also I can speaking and writing four languages very well (Kurdish, English, Persian and Arabic)

      I published several types of research in the national and internal magazines in Kurdistan and abroad. For example, one of my published research in the  (مجلة ارفع صوتك الامريكية Raise Your Voice) magazine about "facts you do not know about the Kurds in Iraq" (