I started studying history in 2008 and in 2012 earned a bachelor's degree in public history at the level of history. After that, I started working as an assistant researcher in December 2012, then in 2014, I started my master's in the field of Modern and Contemporary History,(2014 - 2016). I earned my MA with a very good grade. My MA title is about (parliamentary life in Iran between 1906 -1925).

 After completing my master's degree, I worked as a library officer for the History Department until 2018, after which I will return to the third and fourth stages of the History Department as an assistant teacher in the History, History of Iran, Turkey, and The History of Kurdistan in the eighteenth century. I also worked as a history decision-maker during the years 2018-2020, and now I am a Doctorate student in the History Department with a thesis title on (Iranian political parties and organizations from 1941 -1953)

     As well As, Teaching is my favorite dream, I always dreamed that it would come days to be a university teacher, and also I can speaking and write four languages very well (Kurdish, English, Persian and Arabic)

      I published several types of research in national and internal magazines in Kurdistan and abroad. For example, one of my published research in the  (مجلة ارفع صوتك الامريكية Raise Your Voice) magazine about "facts you do not know about the Kurds in Iraq" (




Also I had published several reaserches in the History magazine 

  1. Kurds and Kurdistan during traveler's Petro Delavaleh book.
  2. How to grown the theory of the abbasid empire.
  3. Iran during the afghans tribal invaded (1722_1729).
  4. Take a look this links :


I teach the following subjects, in the first course, Kurdish studies to the fourth grade of the Kurdish branch. 

In the second course, I teach contemporary Turkish history to the fourth grade of the general branch.