Lecturer in Kurdish Studies, language and literature     

Assist. Prof.Dr. Farhang Muzaffar Muhamad is a well-known Kurdish scholar,presently a lecturer in the Kurdish Language department in Salahaddin University, Erbil. He was raised up in Erbil, southern Kurdistan.He obtained his Bachelor degree in Kurdish language and literature in University of Salahaddin - Erbil, his B.Sc. Thesis title:- Qala-y Dim-Dim in Kurdish 1998 he was employed at the Salahaddin University- Erbil. In 2003 graduated from Master’s degree studies in Journal literature in the same department, His MA.Thesis title :-  Kurdish Journalistic Movement in Syria1932-1946.In the academic year 2010 he received his PhD (doctoral)in Kurdish Literature his Ph.D. thesis title:- Kurdish Literature and Literary Culture in Iran 1946-1979, Jagiellonian University- Cracow, Poland.