Born in Basra 1957 and lives in Erbil , Ph.D. in Architectural Engineering 2003, Baghdad University, College of Engineering. MSc. In Urban and Regional Planning 1997 from the same university,

staff lecturer in Salaheddin University-Erbil, College of Engineering, Department of Architectural Engineering, from November 2006-till now. Worked in many universities as a lecturer, visiting lecturer such as Basra, Duhok. 

Worked in urban planning field . Rewarded by Tamayouz Excellence Award & Coventry University as the Supervisor of the year 2013. I supervised many MSc thesis, most of them in urban design field. I published ten papers.

As a lecturer in department of architecture,  I believe in a set of principles and try to lead my students to apply them in their practical lives.

The ethics of the architectural career, which based on truth, user’s needs, environment and urban context.

I encourage my students to believe in the basic principles of architecture, believe in the reality and the local society needs. I want to see the students know how the building work as a complex organization including structure, services, many system along with architectural system.

I believe, instructors’ mission is to supply the students with basic principle and basic knowledge.