Name: Mr. Hasan Hussein Ali

Residence: Iraq _ Erbil _ Salahaddin University _ College of Agriculture _ Department of Plant Protection.


Job Title: Assistant Professor.

Summary of Qualifications

B S c. College of Agriculture and Forestry \ Mosul University

M S c. College of Agriculture and Forestry \ Mosul University


Professional Experience

Title                                                            Place                                               Date             

Assistant Lecturer               Institute of Technology \ Numrod \ Mosul             1983

Lecturer                                 Institute of Technology \ Mosul                                 1990

Assistant Professor              Institute of Technology \ Mosul                                 1996

Assistant Professor            College of Agriculture\ Salahaddin University         2008


Description of Main Duties and Responsibilities

1- Member of the exam. Committee \ Institute of Technology \Mosul 1994- 2001

2- Member of Scientific Committee in the Department of Plant Protection , College of Agriculture  \Salahaddin university \ 2008


Personal Data

- Date of Birth 1956                                                

- sex : Male     

- Nationality : Iraqi        

- Marital Status : Married


Education :

- B.Sc. 1983 plant Protection, College of Agriculture and forestry , Mosul University .

- M.Sc. : year \ research Title \ University : 1988 \ Cotton Damping _ off in nenivah Province \ Iraq \ Mosul University


Membership of Professional Association :

- Member of Teachers Syndicate \ Erbil 2009 

- Member of the Syndicate of Agricultural Engineers \ Erbil 2010


Computer Skills :

Course of Computer in the Institute of Technology \ Mosul \ 1992


Languages :

Language                    Writing                 Speaking               Comprehension

Kurdish                         Middle                     good                            good

English                          good                       good                            good

Arabic                        Very good              Very good                    Very good                   









Publication Researches



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