Born in Sulaimania. Holding her Bachelor degree (B.Sc. 2004) at Salahaddin University-Erbil-Iraq with Honor and her Master degree (M.Sc 2011) at USM University Sains Malaysia with honor too.

She is an Architect and a Lecturer, Spending most of her life working and teaching in this field, She also has wide range experiences in both theoretical and practical part in her field: Students taught more than eight years, administration more than six years and research more than seven years.

She got the First Rank in her academic study (Bachelor study) at Architecture department in all five years of study and she got the Third Rank over all Engineering College departments. She also got the First Rank in her MSc academic study at( USM) University Sains Malaysia and putting her name in the list of chosen students for giving awards in 2011.She got Gift Honor from the head teachers of Salahaddin University as a reward of the best Master thesis.

Getting a scholarship from KRG Kurdistan Region Government-ministry of higher education to pursuing PHD which is offered only for successful academic officers.