Hawnaz was born in Sulaymaniyah; she received her bachelor's degree in 2004 from Salahaddin University with first-rank honors in her Architecture department and third-rank in the College of Engineering. She completed her master's degree in 2011 from the University Sains Malaysia, also with honors; She got first place in her research. She spends most of her life working and teaching in her field, and also has a wide range of experiences in both theoretical and practical aspects;She has taught for more than fourteen years at Salahaddin University as a full-time assistant lecturer and part-time tutor at Tishk University and Cihan University. She received an honorary gift from senior lecturers at Salahaddin University for an excellent master's thesis. Consequently, she had the opportunity to publish her book on the Erbil city housing typology focusing on city development, which allowed her to work with JICA to redevelop the city of Erbil.

Currently, she is pursuing a Ph.D. in urban design and economy. Her interests are housing typology and design, sustainable architecture, urban economy, urban planning and design, urban configurations, and spatial analysis.