• Heman Abdulkhaleq Ahmed Gaznayee is a prominent figure in the field of agricultural engineering and remote sensing in Iraq. Born on July 1st, 1979, in Erbil, Iraq, he has dedicated his career to the study of drought and its impact on agriculture, with a special focus on the application of remote sensing and GIS technology.  Heman's academic journey began in 2004 when he pursued a Bachelor's degree in Plant Production from Salahaddin University's College of Agriculture Engineering Sciences. He continued his studies at the same institution and obtained a Master of Sciences degree in Plant Production in 2007. However, his passion for research and his desire to make a meaningful contribution to the field led him to pursue a Ph.D. in Remote Sensing and Drought at Salahaddin University.    Throughout his career, Heman has held various positions and gained extensive experience in his field. He worked as an Agricultural Engineer at the Environmental Protection Foundation in Kurdistan from 2004 to 2006. Subsequently, he joined Salahaddin University as an Assistant Lecturer in the College of Agriculture Engineering Sciences, where he taught and mentored students for over 14 years. During this time, he also served as a Chief Executive Officer in CultiVision Company and a Project Manager in the Sapan Organization for Agricultural Extension and Development.    Heman's research and expertise have been recognized through numerous scientific publications and conference presentations. His work focuses on mapping drought-prone areas, analyzing drought severity and impacts. He has made significant contributions to the field of remote sensing and GIS in understanding and managing drought in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.    In addition to his academic pursuits, Heman is fluent in Kurdish, Arabic, and English, which has facilitated his collaboration and communication with researchers and professionals from around the world. He actively participates in international conferences, workshops, and training courses to enhance his knowledge and keep up with the latest developments in his field.    Heman Abdulkhaleq Ahmed Gaznayee's dedication to agricultural research, remote sensing, and GIS technology has made him a respected figure in his field. His work contributes to improving environmental outcomes, enhancing planning capabilities, and finding sustainable solutions for the challenges posed by drought in Iraq.