I am working as a lecturer at College of Political Science/ Salahaddin University- Erbil. Before 2003, I lived in Kirkuk and finished my primary and secondary school there in 1994. Later, I moved to Baghdad to get my choice- politics- the dangerous word and Science which govern, divide as well as control the world. During this period as a university lecturer, l published a book in 2010, and more than 70 articles and studies in Arabic and Kurdish languages, by different journals and magazines in Beirut, Doha, Kurdistan Region as well as the rest of Iraq. These articles and studies about: Multiculturalism, the core of relationship between Baghdad and Kurdistan Region, Iranian nuclear program, secularism and its applications in the Middle East, Kirkuk issue, future of Kurdish issue and American projects in Middle East...etc.

     My Ph.D. Thesis was about "Contemporary Political Theory", specifically focused on problematic of Multiculturalism In contemporary political thought: Will Kymlicka's multiculturalism theory as a model. In 2010, it published -in Arabic -by Center for Arab Unity Studies (CAUS) . As well this book candidated by (CAUS) to get Sheik Zahid Award (UAE) 2010 in field of (Young Author). 

     We finished our new book  in common with Prof. Dr. Raad Abduljaleel (Feminism as a Political Theory), which focusing on feminism theory according to its theoretical structures and contemporary political directions. We  published it in Kuwait (May 2022).

     Now, I am working on final steps to publish my new book, which is a bout (Fetishism in Contemporary Political Theory). It could be published next few months.