My name Jalal Ahmed Abdullah. I'm from south of kurdistan. Instructor in Salahaddin University/ College of Arts/ Dep. Sociology. I have a Phd degree in sociology. I worked for more than 11 years as social researcher and from 2015 I work as a director of the research centre for media research, questionnaire and dialogue. In 2007, participated in a general survey by anfal and shahiddan minster as a head of a team consists of 7 social researcher, we worked for more than a month in many fields area like Hawler, Maxmur, Binaslawa, Perman, Xabat, Debaga, Gwer and else where in order to collect require datas about the near to 200000 person who were killed, kidnaped during the process of anfal, genocide and using the chemical weapons by sadam hussen's regime against kurdish people during the 1980s. I worked with mystery of work from 2004 to 2009 as a social research practically to helping poor people to satisfy their needs and solving their socio-sychological problems. I worked as a teaching academic staff- visitor in the Dep. of psychology/ College of Arts/ Soran University.