I am Jamal Kamal Muhhamed Amin. I have got MSc. in Environmental Science/Environmental Pollution in 2014 at Environmental Department in College of Science-Salahaddin University. In addition, I got Bachelor degree in 2009 at the biology department at Salahaddin university. I participated in different training courses such as, English course and Teaching method courses, I got Lecturer degree in 2018, also, I Published three papers:

1- Environmental Impacts of Sand and Gravel Mining on Water Quality and Biodiversity in Kalak Sub-District.

2- Additional Records of Freshwater Shrimp (Malacostraca: Crustacea) from Greater Zab River and Their Banks, Iraq.

3- The Elemental Composition of Atmospheric Particles and Dust Fall Rate in Erbil Governorate.