I am Dr. Jwad Kadhim Alnajjar. I am a lecturer at Salahaddin University/ College of Fine Arts/ Plastic Arts Department. I was first appointed in 2004 in Thi-Qar University working at the university presidency as the head of the Art and Cultural Activities. In 2008, I moved to Salahaddin University/ College of Fine Arts. 

I obtained my BA in Art Education in 2000 at the Baghdad University/ College of Fine Arts. Then I got my MA in 2004 and in 2015, I obtained my PhD in Methodology of Teaching Arts at Diyala University.

I published many quality research papers through which I tried to develop variable fileds and touchstone constituents in the process of learning and teaching at the university level.  One  of these research papers was suggesting using Black board system (electronic learning system) at Salahaddin University which is now being implemented in some colleges. 

During my university work, I supervised many students' graduation papers and graduation projects. I also taught different subjects at different branches and departments at the college of Fine Arts. these subjects fall within three fields:

  1. Teaching Methodologies: Measurement and assessment, communication, teaching methodologies, education principles, psychology.
  2. theoretical subjects in plastic art department