My name is Kawan Ahmad Elias I was born in 1986 in Erbil-Kurdistan at the first of all ,Music has always been my hobby and this emerged from  my childhood. When I was in primary school, I used to listen to music and sing more than my friends it was my hobby to became a musician.  When I grew up and understood a bit more about music, I became even more interested in it and that was  what made me decide to apply for The Institution of Fine Arts in 2001. My enthusiasm to music reflected in my  progress and performances during the five years of my studying at the institution in question. As a result of  my hard works and efforts I gained the top mark for the whole five year in 2005-2006. In accordance with the educational  regulations in the Kurdistan region, I was, as one of the top students, had right to apply to The College of  Fine Arts at Salahaddin University in 2006 where a bachelor degree can be studied. I applied without any  hesitation and after a short test; I was offered a place immediately. Since classic has been my prime  interesting field in music, I continued to improve my performance in classic by practicing with other  students and lecturers, taking part in Orchestra performances and practicing a lot of exercises individually.  In addition to playing the violin, However, I was the top of the class for the whole four year and I gained  bachelor degree in 2010, I got my master degree  in 2017 with very good grade as well. now I am an employer at Music department-college of fine arts-Salahaddin University since 2011 until now.