My name is Khabat Anwar Ali, born in Baghdad in 1970. I graduated from (BSC) and was appointed to Salahadden University / College of Education / Department of Biology on (27-6-1992) in Erbil because I was one of the first in the department. 

I obtained a master’s degree ( MSC ) at Salahaddin university /College of Science/Department of Biology  (7-29-1999) in the field of animal physiology. The study included experimental animals (rabbits) for a study entitled  (Effect of Ingesta protein on some metabolic response in different ages of  Oryctolagus Cuniculus) in Erbil Governorate.

 I obtained a doctorate (PhD) on (7/28-2009) at the University of Mosul / College of Science / Department of Biology in the speciality of histology and embryos under the title (Studying the histological and biochemical effects of pre-eclampsia on the placenta of pregnant women: the role of leptin protein) to study the effect of the level and correlated of leptin hormone In women with high blood pressure in Erbil governorate, the study included histological examination of the placenta and umbilical cord using hematoxylin and eosin dye and using special dyes to detect fibrous deposits and the extent of their fibre density in the placenta and umbilical cord as a result of high blood pressure in different periods of pregnancy, during childbirth and after childbirth and its reflexive effect on The health of the fetus and the weight of the fetus. The following is the date of my obtaining the scientific titles:

  Assistant lecturer: 1999-09-06

 Lecturer: 2009-09-27

 Assistant professor:  2013-08-20

 Professor   2020-06-24: