Dr. Layla Namiq Salim Jaf

Lecturer at  Food Technology Dep. in College of Agriculture Engineering Sciences  -Salahaddin University-Erbil. 

I holds a Master's degree from Salahaddin University-Erbil. College  of Science, Department of Biology - microbiology. The master's project included the Detections of bacteria in dairy products (Yoghurt,  Local Cream, Local semi hard cheese (Jaji) and fresh chicken meat).Salmonella mbandaka  was isolated for the first time in Erbil and Iraq. The PhD  obtained from the University of Zakho Faculty of Education of the Biological Department with microbiology. The research project was about isolating bacteria  Listeria monocytogenes from fresh soft cheese,  fresh and frozen meat of beef and chicken.

  I have an ISO 22000: 2005 certificate from Amman-Jordan (Food Safety Administration). In addition to certification ISO 1900: 2016 from Erbil.

I have  publications on the dangers of fungi in the dishwasher. I published scientific research and two other papers under publication. I am interested in issues of human and environmental protection, and I work as a food consultant in an organization that protects people and the environment. I was elected as an organized member of a scientific conference focusing on food security issues, and a working paper was organized for this purpose.  Since 2018, I have been a food consultant in a magazine Health that deals with health, life and food issues. I have published in the first issue and on pages 16-17 an article about food safety. I Do hard for protection the people from COVID-19 throw my Facebook and still.