I had been born in Dohuk - Iraq 1960 , lived in different cities in Iraq including southern Governorates, regarding basic study for intermediate and high schools finished in Mosul City.

Graduated from Mosul university- architectural engineering department in 1983, completed Masters degree in University of Baghdad in 1986.

First enrolment in work in February 1988, same department graduated from in Mosul University till 1994,  worked then in Salahaddin university then travelled to Libya- Alkhums joined Nasser University for teaching for years 1995-1999. For years 2000-2003 worked in Hadramout university for science and technology.

For years since 2003 teaching in Salahaddin University, through which applied for getting PhD in Universiti Sains Malaysia graduated in 2014 continuing teaching in Erbil till now. 

Academic status changed from assistant lecturer to lecturer in 2005.

Teaching different courses regarding housing and design in addition to city planning, descriptive geometry, working drawings, and graduation projects. Teaching housing theories and acoustics courses in Masters studies lately.