Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information


Name :- Medya Abdulkhalic Othman

Date of Birth :-       01-05-1978

Place of Birth :-           Erbil

Marital Status :-        Married

Gender :-                    Female

Nationality :-               Iraqi


Address: House NO.333, Zaytoona city-Erbil, Iraq



PHONE :+964-750 4659662


Languages:English ( Advance ), Kurdish ( native ) and Arabic( Advanced 


2017   PhD. Psychology    “Mental Health ” in UUM Malaysia

 2004 M.A. of  Education Psychology “Personality” in Sallahdin Univrsity -Iraq

1998 to 1999 BA. of Education and Psychology Sallahdin Univrsity-Iraq






v  Worked as assistant-researcher in Salahddin University on 1999-2001.

v  Has been working as a Lecturer in Salahddin University in Education and psychology Department since 2004 I have gotten scholership from Kurdistan region to UUM University in 2012.

v  Besied teaching/working as a co-ordinater in the Education and Psychology department  since 2010-2011.

v  Supervied more than 70 undergradaute students in the  Education & psychology department.



v  General directorate of social affairs in psychological Education treatment & consulting center for children- Hawler from 10th Aug 2002 to 9th December.

v  144 hours practical implementation & 72 hours lecture participant with grade ( Above average ) in PSETC CENTER with coordination with UNICEF.

v  English Language Placement Test (ELPT) administered by the language center, University Utara Malaysia intensive English from 23 September -18 December 2012.

v  160 hour listening & speaking, reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar & Essay course Salahaddin University- Erbil- Ministry of higher Education Directorate of language, 31Oct. to 7th Jan 2010.



Certification and training:


1.      2nd colloquium for Graduate students on 8-10 September 2012 at Seminar Hall, UUM CAS

2.      3nd   colloquium for Graduate students on 16-17 December 2013 at Semiar Room, School of Computing, UUM CAS

3.      Postgraduate Enhancement Series 16: “Dissertation Proposal Writing Workshop” held on 24 September 2013 at Semiar Room, School of Computing, UUM CAS

4.      Postgraduate Enhancement Series 17: at Semiar Room, CoPED, School of Computing, UUM CAS

5.      Postgraduate Enhancement Series 18: “SPSS Workshop” at Net Work Lab, School of Computing, UUM CAS.


Computer Experience:


·         Microsoft Office Word

·         Microsoft Excel

·         Microsoft PowerPoint

·         Internet

·         SPSS

·         Smart-PLS



Techeaing Experience



  • Development psychology
  • Counseling Psychology
  • General Psychology
  • Personality Theories
  • Methodology
  • Educational Psychology
  • Teaching Method


Teaching these subjects in the different departments in the College of Education and Science (Salahaddin University - Erbil- Kurdistan Region) (LFU Lebaneses French University- Erbil)