Iam an assistant lecturer at Selahaddin University-Erbil  / College of Agricultural Engineering sciences department of Soil and Water. I am teaching BSc. Students 3rd and 4th stage.

Now Iam PhD student in specialist (soil chemistry) Iam in practical period.

I got M.Sc in 2017 in Environmental soil and water pollution. The title of M.Sc. Thesis: Impacts of Recycled Scrap Steel/Iron Company on Soil Pollution of the Surrounding Areas Erbil, Kurdistan Region-Iraq. May 2017                          

I got B.Sc in 2013 in Soil and Water Dept., Agriculture Engineering college, Salahaddin University, Erbil. I  ranked  first  in my class. The title of undergraduate project: Study of Water Balance in the Greater Zab River Watershed which ranked first project on our college.

 In addition, I have Published Research under title “Spatial Distribution of Heavy Metals in Surface Soil Horizons Surrounding Erbil Steel Company (ESC) Areas”