I received B.Sc., in Microbiology from Department of Biology/College of Science /Salahaddin University -Erbil in 1/7/1985  and graduated as one of college's top ten students and received M.Sc., in Mycology /Phytopathology ( Biological control of fungi ) in 17/1/1989 from the same College and University.

         I have over thirty years experience in teaching   and I taught different subjects like ( Microbiology ,General Biology, Mycology, clinical physiology ......)I have four published research and three registrant researches ,I participated in more 200 workshops and 30 scientific conferences.I worked as  a chief or member of different committees.

        I worked as head of Nursing department for eight years and scientific director for eight years in Erbil technical institute .

        I never received any punishment during my job but I received more than forty Acknowledgments.

        I believe that successful lecturer must do great effort to deliver the most resent and important information that are up to date with the changes and developments to offer  the students a high level education that serves their future career.