Name                                   : Mustafa Fahmi Rajab

Date & Place of Birth        : 04.09.1991

Marital status                     : Single

Home address                     : Iraq- Erbil, Azadi street.        

Telephone number             : +964 750 4236849


Education and Qualifications

2020-Now :  Teaching as Assistant lecturer at Salahaddin University - Biology Department

2018- 2020: Working as biology assistant in Salahaddin University- College of Science, Biology department.

2015-2018: Master degree in Genetics and Molecular Biology in both Ankara University and Middle East Technical University in Ankara /Turkey. GPA 3.78/4, (93.40% /100%)

2013-2015: Working as biology assistant in Salahaddin University /college of science /Biology Department, Erbil- Iraq.


BSc in Biological science at Salahaddin University. Rank (3) over whole University students. Average grade: 86.3% /100%.


Studied preparatory school in Hawler Typical Secondary School in English language.