I am graduated in Biology Department-Microbiology (Ranked 3rd in the department and 6th in the collage) in Salahaddin University/ College of Science (2001-2002). I have worked as assistant biology for 2 years at different subjects including: Ecology and Pollution, Sewage and Soil Microbiology, Virology, Eco-physiology, Mycology and Plant pathology.

* M.Sc. in Biology at Salahaddin University, (2006). Thesis title “Wastewater Treatment Using Typha angustifolia L. as a Biological Purifier for Irrigation Purposes”. After getting Assistant Lecturer title, I have taken the subjects: General Biology, Ecology and Pollution, Microbiology, Sewage and Soil Microbiology, Mycology, Toxicology and Quality Control. 

* Ph.D. in in Biology Salahaddin University, (2013). Dissertation title “Effect of Some Pesticides on Soil Microorganisms in Hawler Governorate”. After getting Lecturer title, I have taken the subjects: Academic Skills-1st year, Climate Change 2nd-yaer, Environmental Toxicity and Pesticides-3rd year and Quality Control-4th year/undergraduate students; as well as Advanced Environmental Analysis, Advanced Soil Pollution, Trace Elements and Pesticides for master students .   

I worked at different committees of the department including Scientific and Higher Education, Higher Education Examination Committee, Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development, Seminar Presentation, Research Project Evaluation, Department Council, Students Affair, Objection committees and many others. I have 20 scientific articles and 14 social articles.

I am now the academic staff in Environmental Sciences and Health Department in the College of Science and teaching courses for Bachelor and Master's students.