Name :Dr. Nidhal Abdulgani Mustafa

Nationality: Iraqi

Residence: Erbil- Zanko

Marital Status: Single


Job Title :

Dept. of Animal Resources / Hatching & Poultry Nutrition /College of Agriculture / University of Salahaddin-Erbil.


1- Degrees: Agricultural Sciences \ Poultry Management / Mosul University- Iraq, 2009. The Thesis about (Effect of Magnetically Treated Water on Embryonic Development for hatched eggs in Physiological and Productive Performance of Two Broiler Strains)

2-  Degrees:PhD. in Agricultural Sciences\Poultry Nutrition/Mosul University- Iraq, 2015. The Thesis about (Effect of Using Flaxseed Oil or Soybean Oil and their Mixture on Productive and Reproductive Performance of Broiler Breeders and their Progeny)

3- Asst. Prof. in 24-9-2019

4-  An employee in the Department of Veterinary Public from 2000-2005.

5-  Teaching in Department of animal resource from 2006 till now.

6-   Hatchery consultant in FAO from 2000-2003.

Researches that Published:

1- Glucose-D inovo injection effects on hatching, blood and immunological characteristics for quail chicks. Mesopotomia Journal of Agriculture. Vol (40), No. (3), 2012.

2- The effect of using flaxseed oil and soybean oil effect on Production performance and egg quality of Broiler Breeder Hens.

3-  Uses of flaxseed oil and soybean oil effect on embryos development, hatching characteristics of broiler breeder eggs and maternal immunity of hatched chicks

4- Effect Of Functional Feed Additives On Egg Production, Hatchability And Hematological Traits Of Japanese Quails During Summer Condition. The Iraqi Journal of Agricultural Science, Vol. 48, No. Special, 2017.

5- Effect Of High Protein DDGS Uses On Productive Performance, Physiological And Immunological Traits Of Broiler. Diyala Agricultural Scientific Journal, Vol. (9), No. (2), 2017.

-6 (تأثيراستخدام زيت بذور الكتان و زيت فول الصويا في التطور الجنيني وبعض صفات الفقس

لبيض امهات فروج اللحم و المناعة الأمية للأفراخ الفاقسة)تكريت31-3-2015

-7 (تأثيراستخدام زيت بذور الكتان و زيت فول الصويا)مصادر اوميغا-3 النباتي (في الأداء الإنتاجي والصفات النوعية لبيض أمهات فروج اللحم ) ديالى 25-5-2015


Book published:

13. هةلَهيَناني دةستكرد (Artificial Hatching) , كتاب للمرحلة العاشرة / قسم الثروة الحيوانية / أعدادية الزراعة. وزارة البربية . اقليم كردستان –العراق. 2010.

Training Course:

1-    IELTS Training Course 27-30 March 2017.

2-    How to write a CV in an academic way 11-3-2017.

3-    Management and livestock/ Poultry project. Groenhorst Bareneveld International in Netherland. 6th-21st August, 2015.

4-    ELEASE Course 10-14 June 2008.

5-    Internet Learning Course 26-29 June 2005.

6-    Computer Learning Course 1-31- July 2001.

7-    Feed Formulation and Advanced Purchasing Techniques) Training on June 19-21/2017 from YEMSiS company

8-    English Course from (15 Jul  - 1 Sep) 2017.

9-    Prize Technology Course from Mar 6-8/2018.

10- دورة شركة كزسار

11-  دورة اربيل فيد

12-  دورة بابيل كلية وراعة دورة صيفي

Conferences:Participated by full-paper:

1-      The2nd Conference f Diyala University/ College of Agricultural. December, 2013.


-         جائزة الأبداع العلمي – وزارة التعليم العالي والبحث العلمي –جمهورية العراق.2013