Borned in Kirkuk on 19/3/1959 and completed high school in Baghdad on 1979, in June 1983و graduated from the University of Salahaddinو  College of Science, Department of Biological Sciences with a BSc, was appointed in the same year at the University of Baghdad College of Education / Ibn al-Haytham ... On 2005 completed a master's study in the College of Education / Girls University of Baghdad, Biological sciences ( environment and pollution ).. On 2006 I joined the University of Salahaddin / College of Agriculture as assistant lecturer, since these past years in College of Agriculture I worked with two departments in Plant production and Animal resources.

Several combined researches were conducted over past years as following:

On 2017 two researches had been done as:

1- Heavy metal residues in frozen chicken meat consumed within Erbil province.

2- Assessment of some trace elements in frozen chicken livers and gizzard in Erbil local markets.

while on 2018 three researches had been done as:

1- Assessment of heavy metal in red meat available in markets of Erbil city.

2- Determination of essential and toxic metals in imported beef meat sold in Erbil markets.

3- Determination of some heavy metals residue in different types of poultry products.