I graduated from biology department-college of science  at Salahaddin University in 2006 (Ranked 3st in college) i was employed at biology department-college of science in 2007  , I worked as assistant of biology for three years in practical Immunology lab., practical virology lab., practical physiology lab., practical molecular biology lab. 

    At the end of 2012, I finished my M.Sc. degree in Molecular and cell biology at Sheffield Hallam university and i worked as Assistant lecturer in biology department in 2013, teaching practical cell biology and microtechnique, hematology. I teach other lessons outside of my college such as physiology and practical animal physiology.

      From 2013 until now,  I will continue to teach practical cell biology, molecular biology, hematology  and micro technique. For one year, I would teach Microbiology for the 2st class students of nursing department in Shaqlawa Technical Institute, Shaqlawa, Iraq, and also two years, I ungraded from assistant lecturer to lecturer in 2016.

Peshraw S.Hamadamin

Lecturer of Molecular and Cell biology