I completed my undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Salahaddin, and was able to obtain a doctorate of philosophy in the history of civilization in 2004, and I was in academic positions as a director and head of the department and then director of quality assurance and accreditation, and chairman of the Kurdistan Historical Culture Association, during my career I wrote seven books, The Ministry of Education, and translated books from Arabic and Persian to Kurdish language, in addition to the specialist of the (cultural studies) I also interested in political science, philosophy and classical studies, published 35 papers in the field of my specialist, discussed dozens of master's and doctorate My philosophy in higher education is based on the extent of scientific and objectivity and encouraging students to think critically and qualify them to serve as role models for society. I see that successful teaching should be a classmate of his or her students. He should be active in and outside the university and participate in cultural and intellectual conferences and seminars as well as his participation in serving the society in a different way.