Name: Dr. Ra'ad George Mikha

Date & place of birth :  1953    Sulaimani- Iraq

Marital status :   Married

Present address : Erbil , Ankawa

Tel. No. ; 2252076           , Mobile : 07507368100

Present title: Assistant professor.

I have got my B.Sc. from University of Sulaimani during 1972-1976 while my Ph.D. has been in Soil Physics and chemistry from Institute of Nicolai Balcescu, Bucharest, Romania during1982-1987.

Professional Experience

1977-1982        Demonstrator or Lab. Instructor employment , Dept. of soil sci. College of Agriculture , Univ.  of  Sulaimani.

 1982-1987      Ph.D. Student in Romania.

1989-1992        Lecturer , Biology Department , College of Edjucation, 

University of Salahaddin.

1993-2001     Lecturer & Head of Soil Sci. department. College of Agriculture , University of Sulamani. 

2001-2003     Soill Management officer ,FAO. 

2004-2007     Lecturer ,Soil Sci. Dept. Univ. of Sulaimani.

2007-2010     Lecturer & Dean dupty , Soil Sci. Dept. College of Agriculture , Uni. Of Salahaddin.

2010-2011     Head of field crop department.

 2011- to date    Ass. Professor at soil and water department.