Dr Rashwan Ramadan Salih

PhD (University of Leicester) 2014

BA, MA (Salahaddin University) 2005, 2008

Rashwan Ramadan Salih is an Assistant Professor of English Linguistics at the department of English, College of Languages. Before joining Salahaddin University as a lecturer in 2010, he was an assistant lecturer of English language at Erbil Technical Institute.

Rashwan has over 18 years of experience in English linguistics and translation studies and has held posts as a teacher, head of registry and vice-dean for scientific affairs at Erbil technical institute. Additionally, he has over 4 years' experience working with international organizations and diplomatic missions as a liaison officer for cultural and political affairs. 

His research explores issues in discourse analysis and problem solving in Kurdish-English translation. His current projects focus on SL effects on TL, language policy,  comparative linguistics, and pragmatics.