Rozhgar Saadi Sabir. I was born on (1st August, 1983) in Erbil. I am assistant lecturer at Philosophy Department at College of Arts-Salahaddin University-Erbil. I have achieved Bachelor Degree in Sociology Department in (2008-2009). Later, I have gained Master’s Degree in Political Sociology in (2017). Moreover, I have served for more than (10) years at Salahaddin University Presidency, in General Directory of Registration. I have managed students’ affair there. Afterwards, I have participated in many courses for raising my scientific level, and taken part in English Language Courses. Next, I have got a computer certificate (LCDL) at Salahaddin University. After that, I have acquired Methodology Certificate on (26th March, 2018) at Salahaddin University. Finally, I could accomplish an intermediate course of English language at Language Center-Salahaddin University. Nowdays, Phd student in Sociology Department.