Academic Curriculum Vitae


Personal Information:

Full Name:  Runak Salah Ali

Academic Title: Assistant lecturer


Mobile: 07504881587



-        Bachelor of Kurdish Language - College of Languages - Salahaddin University (2008-2009)

-        Master Degree in Kurdish Literature - College of Education - Salahaddin University (2014)

-        PhD student (at present) in College of Languages - Salahaddin University



-        Started as assist. Researcher in College of languages – Salahaddin university in (2009)



-        Teaching qualification Certified in 2014

-        IT qualification Certified in 2010

-        Language qualification Certified from Center of Languages of Salahaddin university in 2022

-        Any professional qualification: (N/A)

-        You could put any professional courses you have attended: (N/A)



Teaching experience:

teaching courses as per mentioned below...

-        Kurdology

-        Comparative Literature

-        Journalism Literature

-        Receiving, drafting

-        prosody

-        Story and Novel

-        Lori accent


Research and publications

-        An investigation regarding the statistical method in the poetries of (Ferhad Shakali) – (Diwan zhe) as an example (Khama Magazine, issue#12-2010)

-        Printing and publishing my book entitled (The art of fantasy in the new Kurdish story) (Awer printing house, ERBIL,2017)

-        Publish a literary article (Fantasia means merging reality with illusion and fantasy),(Hawler Newspaper issue#3725 in 25/9/2022)


Conferences and courses attended

-        International scientific conference on the Genocide of Kurdistan Nation (the genocide of Faily Kurds)in 2-4/5/2023.


Funding and academic awards

-        (N/A).


Professional memberships

-        Member of the Kurdistan Teachers Union from (2010).


Professional Social Network Accounts: