Full Name: Dr. Sadiq Hamaghareeb Hamasalh                                       

Academic Title: Assistant professor

Email: (university email) :


Place & Date of Birth: 1/2/1968

Gender:  male

Marital Status: Married

Nationality: Iraqi


Kurdish- Reading, writing and speaking.

Arabic- Reading, writing and speaking.

English- Reading and Speaking.

farsi- Reading, writing and speaking.


1 - Bachelor -College of Arts : Department of Media \ University of sulaymanya \ 2004 .

2- M.A. in Media \ College of Media \ University Baghdad \ 2008 .

3- Phd in Media \ College of Arts \ University of Salahaddin \ 2017 .



2009-..........  Lecturer Department of Media, College of Arts University of Salahddin


-                      Teaching qualifications

-                      Social media qualifications

-                      Trainer in classic media

-                      Trainer in Social media

-                      Crisis management coach



Teaching experience:

1- New Media.

2- special Media.

3- public relation.

4- Media Planning.

5- Teaching journalistic direction.

6- Teaching radio and television advertisements.

7- Teaching International Relations.

8- Teaching public opinion lessons.

12- Teaching Media criticism.

Research and publications


Booksin the field of Media:

1-      Media strategy to fight corruption--2014

2-      Electronic Journalism-2015.

Conferences and courses attended

1-Social networking sites and culture of use-Halbja University-2022.2- 2-2-The issue of intimacy and the problems of patriotismin the Kurdistan Region-(1-2/3/2023)-college of arts -Salahaddin University .

3-Memorial and Honorary Meeting Conference(18/8/2022)Didaman Hotel .

4- National Conference for Kurdish Media Reform(10/1/2021)-sulaimany.

Funding and academic awards

1- In 2022, I was appointed by Salahaddin University as a member of the evaluation committee for the opening of the Department of Media at Newroz University in Duhok.

2-In 2010 and 2011, I participated in the establishment of media curricula in Iraqi and Kurdistan institutions and universities as a member of the UNESCO Committee in Jordan.

3- In 2017, I was appointed as the Chairman of the Curriculum Setting Committee of the Department of Electronic Journalism by Duhok University.


Professional memberships

1)  Kurdistan Union of Journalists

2)  Multi media organization for development media(MODEM).

3)  Institute of Media and Political Research

Professional Social Network Accounts:

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