My full name Salam Nawkhosh Bakir . I was born in 1966. I graduated from English Department , College of Arts , Salahuddin University in 1990 and got my MA in the same department in 1996 . My thesis entitled ‘ Adjectival sequence in English and kurdish ‘ , since that time I have worked as a teacher in Duhok , Salahuddin , and Sulaimania universities .

I  have not just been teaching in such universities , I am an active researcher  from 1998 to 2018 participated in ten national and international conferences as a speaker and published more than ten papers in certain journals , including :


1- Sequence  of  Descriptive Adjectives in kurdish

2- A contrastive study of Ellipsis in kurdish and English

3- Northern  Kirmanji kinship terms

4- Polysemy in Kurdish

5- Kurdish Honorifics system

6- Ambiguity in Kurdish

           7- Kurdish Diminutive system

Classifying &Translating Idioms

8.Kakayees’ Language ( University of Kurdistan-Sna)

9.Taboo in English Words (Zanko)

10. Taboo & Gender

11.Sanskrit as a protto language

12. Non-standard dialect ….etc and published two books in English

1.Eight Kurdish Studies,2008

2.An introduction to English Grammar,2009

I have written more than five dictionaries : in 2002  I published the first bilingual dictionary in Kurdistan , published more than ten times and became the first electronic dictionary and the source of many dictionaries.

Furthermore , in 2011 kurdistan national Assembly – parliament – published my translation – from English – Severe Agreement  and in 2014 I have published the first legal and constituency  dictionary for Iraq State .

Now I am 52 years , wrote more than 55 books in several fields :

1.     Dictionaries and linguistics ( more than 15 books).

2.     Kurdish history ( more than 15 books ).

3.     Thought and political books ( more than 10 books ).

4.     Translation : two books.

5.     Literary books : 4 books …etc

My first experience in writing books appears in 1996 and my last book in 2018. The description of my books : one of them is 800 pages  and another one is 80 pages …

To sum up making researches and writing books are my first hobby in life .       .