My name is  "Saman Khabbat Ezzulddin", I have been working as  lecturer of physics at university of Salshaddin, college of science department of physics.

 I am graduated from college of Science, university of Salahaddin since "2007-2008", then after I awarded Msc. Degree with the title of thesis “Radon-222 and Radium-226 Activity Concentration Measurement in Erbil Governorate Drinking Water Resources Using Active and Passive Detection Methods” from Physics Department College of Science, University of Salahaddin since  "2012- 2014"  and then  pointed  as an assistant lecturer at university of Salahaddin .

During my academic life I have tough, the following subjects for undergraduate students General Physics of the second year Geology department, Modern physics Lab of the second year students, Nuclear physics, for the fourth year of physics students.

I am participated in many international and local conferences and I published many scientific articles. I current research interests include Radioactivity measurement, Radiation dosimeter, Radiation Protection and Solid State Nuclear Track Detector SSNDs.  

I was member of:

1)    Kurdistan Teachers Union since 2010.

2)    Kurdistan Physicists' Syndicate since 2009.