My name is  "Saman Khabbat Ezzulddin", I have been working as lecturer of physics at  Salaheddin University, college of science department of physics.

 I am graduated from college of Science, university of Salahaddin since "2007-2008", then after I awarded MSc. Degree with the title of thesis “Radon-222 and Radium-226 Activity Concentration Measurement in Erbil Governorate Drinking Water Resources Using Active and Passive Detection Methods” from Physics Department College of Science, University of Salahaddin since "2012- 2014" and then pointed as an assistant lecturer at university of Salahaddin. Most recently, I was awarded a PhD from Salahaddin University – Iraq since "2019-2022" for work in Electromagnetic Theory, Communication Physics including "Design and Fabrication of Different Shapes of Microstrip Patch Antennas Operating at 28 GHz for 5G Wireless Communications".

During my academic life I have tough, the following subjects for undergraduate students General Physics of the second year Geology department, Modern physics Lab of the second-year students, nuclear physics, for the fourth year of physics students.

I am participated in many international and local conferences, and I published many scientific articles. I current research interests include Radioactivity measurement, Radiation dosimeter, Radiation Protection, Solid-State Nuclear Track Detector SSNDs. and Microstrip antenna 

I was member of:

1)    Kurdistan Teachers Union since 2010.

2)    Kurdistan Physicists' Syndicate since 2009.