• Vision: Contribute to making Salahaddin University top of the world rankings by publishing scientific research and graduating students at excellent levels.
  • Mission: - Provide the best educational services to students by teaching them the best scientific curricula.
  • Goal: - As a teacher at the College of Administration and Economics - Salahaddin University - Erbil, I aim to graduate students with the best educational levels.
  • My ideal career path is to work at a research university where teaching and research are inseparable compontheents of higher education. I enjoy creating knowledge through ongoing investigations in my research areas, but I also value imparting knowledge to others because it informs, inspires, and leads to personal and societal growth. We can reach the above goals with the qualifications you have obtained a Bachelor's degree in 1996-1999 at the College of Administration and Economics - Salahaddin University - Erbil and then received a Master's degree in 2006.
  • The scientific title

1- Assistant teacher (2006)

2- Teacher (2012)

3- Assistant Professor (2016)

  • And I taught at a technical institute in Erbil in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and I also taught at the Shaqlawa Technical Institute in the years 2012, 2011, 2010 in the departments of Marketing Management, Health Institutions Management, and the Department of Materials Management, and I taught in Zanko Koya for a year 2010, and I am a faculty member in the Department of Tourism Organizations Management at Salah al-Din University - Erbil, and the current head of the department.
  • Participated in many seminars in the college, as well as conducted academic courses outside the college.
  • Research published:

1-      The role of knowledge management in enhancing administrative decisions. (2012)

2-      Measuring the quality of dimensions in service organizations. (2011)

3-      The role of marketing information systems in marketing strategic decisions. (2014

4-      The relationship of intellectual capital with marketing intelligence and their impact on competitive strategies (2017)

5-      The reality of market orientation in health organizations (2016).

6-      The reality of the marketing alliance in Fastlink (2017)

  • Books authored or translated

A.     Principles of Business Administration 2013

B.     Organization Theory 2014

C.     Business Administration 2016

D.     Human Resources Department 2016

E.      Total Quality Management 2016

F.      Knowledge Management 2016

G.     Tourism Marketing Department 2020

H.     Marketing Management and its Types 2020

  • Place of work: College of Administration and Economics - Department of Tourism Organizations Management
  • Mobile: 07504624147
  • E-mail: