I graduated from the department of statistics/ college of Administration & Economic- Salahaddin University in year 1996. My graduation study was under the title of " A Statistical Study on Stomach and Esophagus Ulcer Patients in Rizgari Hospital of Erbil Governorate ". I started working as a researcher assistant in year 1998, after around 9 years of my employment services and doing several filed surveys and studies I admitted in University of Kurdistan - Hawler to study Master of science in economic and finance in year 2007. My study was about "The Agriculture Sector in Kurdistan Region with emphasis on the Supply of Wheat: Econometric Models" where I finished it with distinction in year 2010. I resumed working as chief researchers in August 2010 at college of Administration and Economic, then in 2011 after fulfilling the necessary requirements I became a member of the faculty staff in economic department until now. I've received my Ph.D. degree in Economics in February 2024. My dissertation was about "The Impact of Some Economic Variables on Terrorism in Selected Countries with Special Reference to Iraq for the Period 2000-2021" I taught the courses of: Mathematics, Economic Theories in English, Economic Statistics, SPSS, and Principals of microeconomics and macroeconomics. I can speak Kurdish, English, and Arabic languages.